I’ll be damned

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We will be talking with so many amazing womxn so we wanted to provide a Hub for you to find out more about them. Any links, suggestions or companies mentioned in the podcasts will be linked on this page beside that podcast.


EPISODE ONE: It’s Me, Meghan.

Hi everyone! Welcome to I’ll Be Damned. This is the “first” episode, let’s call it the prequel. It’s about me, Damned Damsels and how I got here- doing this podcast. Take a listen, then come back for bigger and better stuff!

Episode two: Jordanna
Social Media as a Musician and Businesswoman

This one is GOOD. So fun to record, even though we go back and forth about social media- stay with us! It will be out soon. Stay tuned.

Episode three: Gina scarpino
Freelancing life

Making it as a freelancer is hard. We’ve got a guest that gives us her story on how she’s making it work. Come back to listen!



Mental Health & Touring

The touring life can be hard- not just physically but mentally demanding too. Find out how our guest manages her mental health while touring and some tips for on the road self care! Come back to listen.