Interview List

Interviews ranged from recent college graduates to experienced industry professionals. We talked to musicians, tour managers, business owners, stage and lighting directors, concert promoters, production teams, marketing managers, music supervisors, and artist managers.

1.   ANJEL LOPEZ, VIP Manager for Lana Del Rey
2.  ERIN ANDERSON, CEO & Founder of Olivia Management / Nashville
3.  THE SECRET SISTERS, Grammy Nominated Artists / Birmingham
4.  JORDANNA, musician "Jordanna" / Chicago
5.  EMELIE AUKEE, Music Supervisor, Extreme Music / Los Angeles
6.  JENN STOOKEY, Artist Manager at Workshop Management / Nashville
7.  JULIE GREENBERG, Associate Agent at Creative Artist Agency / Nashville
8.  KATIE MORAN, Production Manager at Opus One Productions / Pittsburgh
9.  AMOR MONTES DE OCA, Director of Strategic Initiatives at 2112 Inc. /Chicago
10. ABAIGAIL INGRAM, Assistant Director at Coleman Entrepreneurship Center /Chicago
11.  RACHEL TRAVISANO, Event & Marketing Department, City Winery / Pittsburgh
12. LAILA AUKEE, Teacher at GirlsRock! and former musician / Providence
13. TANNER WOODFORD, Designer, Chicago Design Museum / Chicago
14. GINA VENSEL, CEO & Founder of Easy Street Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh
15. LEEANN SANGALANG , Former Researcher, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative /  Annenberg
16. JAMIE FADDEN, Lighting Director / Pittsburgh

We have not finished all of our interviews. These are still to come during These II. We also plan to circle back with everyone above as our project continues to come together so that we can receive feedback, input, suggestions and critiques from our different demographics. 

17. MELINDA COLAIZZI, former LiveNation employee, founder "Women Who Rock" / Pittsburgh
18. JENN KELLOGG, Tour Accountant, Professor at Columbia College / Chicago
19. KYLA LOMBARDO, Marketing Department, Red Frog Events / Chicago
20. CHRISTINA KOWALSKI, Marketing Coordinator, Riot Fest & House of Vans / Chicago
21. JENNAE RAKERS, Production Manager & Ticketing, Opus One Productions / Pittsburgh
22. JONATHAN WAYLAND, Talent Booker, Red Frog Events / Nashville
23. MICHAEL SANDERS, Founder of Opus One Productions / Pittsburgh
24. ERIC SHEINKOP, Founder of Music Dealers, Founder of Desire List / Chicago
25. STEPHANIE MEYERS, Ticketing Department, Goldenvoice / Los Angeles
26. ASHLYN HARRINGTON, Ticketing Departement, Goldenvoice / Los Angeles
27. CORY HADJE, Artist Management/ Founder of Bravo Artist / Columbus
28. JESSIE LABELLE, Chapter Chair of Women in Music / Chicago
29. MELISSA CHAPMAN, Vice Chair of Communications, Women in Music / Chicago
30. GIRLSROCK! CHICAGO, Non profit Organization / Chicago