Damned Damsels is an initiative to help women be seen and heard in the music industry.

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Meghan Conwell

Meghan has known she wanted to work in music since high school, when she first discovered Bob Dylan. This passion lead her to Nashville, TN where she earned a Bachelors in Music Business Administration. Throughout her college career she interned at a concert promotion company, Opus One Productions and an artist management company, Olivia Management, where she worked for a year and a half after graduating. She has done everything from marketing and social media to production runner to tour management, artist management and festival production. She currently is earning her masters degree from DePaul University for Digital Communication and Media Arts.

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Jordyn Benjamin

In high school, Jordyn would drive to Milwaukee every weekend just to see her favorite artists. She knew then that she loved live events and music. She realized her passion for the business side of the industry when she began helping a friend’s band book and market shows. Throughout high school, she continued working local events and festivals until she went on to pursue a degree in Music Business and Marketing at Columbia College Chicago. During this time, she participated in the school’s record label as well as interned for a local cover band and a music licensing company, Music Dealers, where she was later hired full time. Upon graduation, she went on to work in festival production at Red Frog Events, where she continues to work today.

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