Meghan Conwell, 25
My music business experience truly began January 2013 when I transferred to Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Although, I’ve always had an obsession with music, I moved there to study Music Business. I dove into learning as much as a possibly could and volunteering at shows and Bonnarroo Music Festival in the summer. When my sophomore year was over, I got an internship with Opus One Productions in Pittsburgh where I did everything from being a production runner, to heading up their Street Team efforts. I got a taste of marketing, production, management, booking, box office, pretty much everything. This is where I learned that I loved the live event aspect of the music industry. Both my junior and senior year internship was at Olivia Management, a small artist management company. This turned into my first post-graduate job, and as I was the startups first hire, it came with a lot of responsibility and opportunity. I was asked to plan and manage two of the artists tours, (one now a Grammy nominated group!) After a year at the company, I decided to head to Chicago for graduate school. Through an incredibly lucky amount of connections, I found a seasonal position at Red Frog Events as Credential Manager for Firefly Music Festival, where Jordyn was my boss. The rest is history. (or will be when we launch)


Jordyn Benjamin, 24
When I was in High School, I began my career in the music industry working for a company called MusicSkins on Warped Tour and several other tours around Chicago. I continued my journey working on Warped Tour for a handful of companies throughout high school, until I began my undergraduate degree at Columbia College Chicago, studying Music Business and Marketing. While in school, I worked on Columbia's student-run record label, AEMMP. While doing this, I project managed a team that put out several physical album releases, various shows around Chicago and a popular Day Party at SXSW. in the summers, I dipped my toes into the festival world and worked ticketing and credentials for React Presents. Junior year of college I got my first taste of touring doing marketing, social media and merch for the popular Midwest cover band, Mike and Joe. That adventure ended and senior year of college I landed an internship, and eventually full time job, at a local music licensing company, MusicDealers. While there, I worked directly with the CEO and Founder as well as the marketing team, in order to help unsigned bands and artists partner with larger brands and TV shows, such as CocaCola, Airbnb, etc. Unfortunately, towards the end of my college career, MusicDealers temporarily shut its doors. From there, I went to work for a popular retail brand, Free People, where I sat on a committee and helped to build the playlists for all of their stores. Eventually, I left Free People for an opportunity at an Event Production company, Red Frog Events, where I'm still at today. At Red Frog, I sit on the Operations team and manage the market vendors as well as the advancing and credential operation at Firefly Music Festival and will now be overseeing the artist relations program at several new festivals in 2018.